Rick Tarrant - (lead vocals and guitar) A long time member of Contraband bringing considerable vocal and instrumental talent to the band. Rick's influences include Doc Watson, Tony Rice and Tim O'Brien. Rick has established himself as an admired performer within Contraband and as a solo artist performing locally and across the country.



Richard Hampton - (mandolin) a long established member of Contraband bringing energy, drive and instrumental skills to the band. Richard has been playing bluegrass mandolin for over 20 years. Previously a member of several bands including Poor Valley, Cross Country and Ricky G and the Ferretones - the resident band of the Cambridge Folk Club with whom he played at the Cambridge Folk Festival. Richard's mandolin playing provides an essential element to the band's authentic sound.



Hamish Gavin - (bass/vocals) A founder member of Contraband and our one and only bass player. Hamish is at the heart of the band providing the foundation on which everything sits. Hamish joined the embryonic Contraband shortly after providing them with one of their earliest gigs at his Anchor Folk Club in Southampton way back in the 80's (yes that's the 1980's folks).



Richard Holland - (banjo/vocals) The most recent recruit to Contraband. Richard has been playing folk music for many years. His involvement with bluegrass started around 1987 when he grabbed and subsequently mastered the banjo. A keen enthusiast Richard is a key figure in the British Bluegrass Music Association and a regular performer at many festivals. Richard's banjo and vocal work bring an essential authenticity and quality to Contraband.



Mark Leggett - (guitar) The other remaining founder member of Contraband. Mark's influences are Mississippi blues, ragtime and music from the contemporary British and American roots music scene. His introduction to bluegrass coincided with Contraband's formation in the early 80's. Mark's guitar playing adds weight and depth to Contraband's sound.